Top 5 Pool Heaters in 2019

Everyone enjoys spending a day in a pool. Pool heaters are a great way to increase the temperature of the water during the colder seasons, or it can be used even in summer to heat water to the desired temperature. There are a few different types of pool heaters each of which has its own pros and cons. Here is a list of five of the best pool heaters available in 2019.

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1. Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series Pool Heater

The first pool heater on this list has two fuel options, either natural gas or propane. The difference between these two options is miniature. Both are gasses, and gas-fueled pool heaters are usually cheaper than their electric or solar powered counterparts. Talking specifically about gasses, propane produces more energy, but natural gasses are cheaper. It is a small difference which will not make a noticeable difference.
Hayward H400FDN pool heater is a perfect choice for nature lovers, as it offers low NOx emissions and it meets air quality standards in most regions. Its low emission rate also makes it available even during the winter, when more gas is required to power up the heater to successfully warm up a pool.

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2. Intex Solar Heater Mat

Another eco-friendly option, but of a different design. It is very cheap, but it offers great value for its price. It is 47 inches by 47 inches and can increase a pool temperature for up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celcius), It works best for pools up to 8,000 gallons (30,280 liters) and is simple to set up.
If you own a bigger pool, you can consider buying multiple Intex Solar Heater mats to warm up the whole pool. It is a great affordable option for people tight on budget.
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3. EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 Electric Tankless Pool Heater

This is one of the most advanced pool heaters on the market. It allows you to control the temperature in detail, in increments of one-degree. It is powered by electricity and has no battery. It is quick working, as it can raise a 13,000 gallon (49,210 liters) pool temperature by 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celcius) in less than 24 hours.
Because of insane heating power it carries, EcoSmart SMART POOL 27 pool heater is the best option for the owners of big pools. In addition, It is easy to control and comes in unique and nice to look at design.
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4. FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater

This is one of the most energy-efficient pool heaters because it has 100% titanium heat exchanger, and on average it works for only 25 cents per hour. This heater works best at in-ground pools of up to 10,000 gallons (37,850 liters) and is guaranteed to surpass your expectations.
This FibroPool product will allow you to enjoy pool season for most of the year, as it can operate optimally even in the outside temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 degrees Celcius). This pool heater is quality made, as its case is enamel coated steel, and it is waterproof. Such a case guarantees to endure even the harshest weather conditions outside.
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5. Smartpool S601P SunHeater

This solar heating system for your pool is a great investment. It comes with 80 square feet of solar panels, which will guarantee consistent energy to the heater during the sunny months of the year. In addition, The best part about this pool heater compared to other solar based systems is that the solar panels are of slick design. They are not your usual blue squared solar panels. These solar elements are of a seamless black design, which will decorate your house roof, instead of making it unattractive.
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In brief, there are numerous pool heaters available on the market. The first option is one of the greatest you can get if you care about the environment, but still, want a gas-based heater. The second option is for those who are on a tight budget. The third listing offers impeccable temperature control and a unique design. The fourth option is for those who own large pools and want an electric based heater. Finally, the last listing is great if you want a solar panel based heating system without paying for it with the attractiveness of your house.