What are the different types of pool heaters?

It becomes discouraging to swim in a cold pool especially during the winter season when water is freezing cold. Having a pool heater will help you thaw your pool and raise the water temperature to the most suitable temperature you like. Finding the best pool heater means having adequate knowledge of the various types of pool heaters. 

Knowing the appropriate pool heater types will be of great importance since the climate conditions, the size of your pool, availability of the power supply and so will determine the most suitable type of the pool heater for your pool.

Below is a discussion of various types of pool heaters, their advantages, disadvantages. This can thus help you make correct buying decisions and the most suitable your our pool.

Gas pool heaters: 

Gas pool heater working technique.

These heaters use natural gases as fuel. Natural gas and propane are readily available in the market through their prices tend to fluctuate now and then. Natural gas is cheaper than propane thus becoming the best option for the gas pool heater around your area. The working technique is similar to the water heater in your home. The fuel is burned in the heating chamber and the heat transferred to the pool water.

Benefits of gas pool heaters.

1. Gas pool heaters have the highest power output compared to other types of pool heaters. 
2. They are in turn the most suitable for heating large pools with a large volume of water.
3. They heat the pool water faster.
4. Since they are more efficient, it means that they are in use for a short duration of time thus reducing the tear and wear. This increases their service life.

Defects of gas pool heaters 

The major disadvantage with these pool heaters is that the long term cost is higher since you will always have to use fuel and the installation cost much higher compared to the other pool heaters types.

Electric pool heaters.

Electric pool heater working technique.
These pool heaters use the surrounding earth to heat the pool water. They will keep the pool water at a higher temperature compared to the surrounding temperature such that you will enjoy swimming throughout for the best Electrical pool heaters visit summerpoolfun.com.

Benefits of the electric pool hectares.

1. The long term cost is low since the use the surrounding warmth to the heat pool water. This, in turn, saves you on fuel cost.
2. They are efficient throughout the year thus making your swimming enjoyable annually.

3. they run at a lower cost compared to other types of pool heaters.

4. Electric pool heaters installation is much easier and simple compared to other types of pool heaters.

5. They are more user-friendly since they don’t require regular fixing and fueling.
Ther are more durable since they generate heat from the surrounding areas thus less physical damages.


Electric pool heaters are more expensive to install than the other types of heaters.

Solar pool heaters:
solar pool heaters working techniques.
Solar pool heaters use sun radiation and convert them to thermal heat. They are placed adjacent to the pool pump at an angle so as to collect maximum heat energy. The heated water in the pump is then pumped to the swimming pool. The heating process is entirely from the sun.

Advantages of solar pool heaters.

1. The long term cost is low since they gather the heat from the sun which is free energy.
2. They are easy to install.
3. Little or no maintenance is required.
4. User-friendly and very ecological friendly since they don’t pollute the environment.


Very seasonal since during the winter they cant heat your pool water.