Buying your perfect swimming pool!

One of the most enjoyable parts of summer is slipping into a cool and refreshing swimming pool.

A swimming pool is like a cool oasis in the midst of the summer heat. A nice refreshing swimming pool calls to you, and once in it is hard to get out.

You can use swimming pools for either competitive swimming or recreational activities. You can add both value and style to your home by installing a swimming pool.

The two main types of swimming pools are in ground and above ground. An in ground pool will need to be installed by a professional contractor and is a permanent structure that cannot be moved. Above ground pools can often be easily installed by their owners, which may account for their current rise in popularity.

If you are looking for a swimming pool to meet the recreational needs of your family you will love the low cost option of an above ground swimming pool. These pools usually come in pre-fabricated kits that make them incredibly easy to install. While many people choose to have their above ground pools installed by a professional pool contractor who offers a guarantee on their work, many skilled do it yourselfers will have no problem installing one on their own.

You pool will be installed in an organized fashion if you do choose to hire a professional. The first step a professional will take is to level the ground on which your pool will sit. The base track can then be 
assembled, sand is laid, and the plumbing is connected. Once these steps are completed the pool liner can be installed and smoothed. The pool contractor will ensure that the liner is completely secured prior to filling the pool with water. The pumping and filtering systems can be installed and checked after the pool is filled. The only other step that needs to happen is that you dive in and enjoy.

Pool Lights

Placing lights in and around your above ground swimming pool allow you to enjoy your pool even more, and also provide a higher degree of visibility and safety during nighttime use.

A variety of light colors that are available for your above ground
pool can increase the look and style of your above ground pool to
reflect your tastes. Underwater lights are a must for nighttime pool
safety and enjoyment, but the usefulness of such lights doesn’t end
there. Standard pool lights can also enhance your pool’s beauty and
help create an inviting backyard environment after the sun goes down.

Always remember that safety is number one, and that above ground pool lights need to be installed according to your city’s or county’s
electrical code. It may be prudent to have a professional electrician
inspect your work to make it sure it meets code, or, have a
professional electrician install those lights themselves. Remember
water and electricity, like water and oil, just don’t mix. If you notice anything that “looks questionable” or is possibly hazardous,
have it checked out immediately!